Things worth reading: August 27, 2016

Social media

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Facebook gives you more control over your news feed

Facebook rolled out an update to the news feed designed to give users more control over what appears in their news feed.

Facebook’s News Feed Preferences now offer three new options:

1. Prioritize who to see first 

This allows you to select which friends and Pages that you see at the top of your News Feed.

To set it up, tap a friend or page’s profile picture to see their posts first. From now on, any new content shared since your last visit will be at the top of your News Feed, and there will be a star in the top right of their post.

2. Discover new pages

Facebook will suggest new pages to follow based on pages you’ve liked in the past.

3. Easily follow or unfollow friends and pages

This new setting features a list of the top people, pages, groups that were featured in your News Feed over the past week, and allows you to unfollow them if you no longer want to see their updates. Remember that unfollowing a friend or page simply means that you no longer want to see their content in your News Feed.

These new features are available on iOS starting today. To benefit from these new features, tap more at the bottom of your News Feed, or look in Settings for News Feed Preferences. You must have the latest update installed.

Android and desktop will be updated over the next few weeks.